Reading Update January 20th: Game Of Thrones

Last week, I read Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon's Memoirs and Misinformation, and despite my initial thoughts on the confusion of the book, I did actually end up really enjoying it. The book was definitely strange, but it was also funny. So, that book worked out really well in the end. I actually got to… Continue reading Reading Update January 20th: Game Of Thrones

January 16th: Going to new places.

For most of this week, it's been pretty much the usual. Work has continued to be horrible, but the countdown is reaching smaller numbers. I have 6 weeks left of work at my current school before hopfully moving on to brighter pastures. Despite this, I'm going to be sad leaving my kids. I love them… Continue reading January 16th: Going to new places.

Reading Update: Memoirs and Misinformation by Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon

One of my new year's goals was to read more, and I've always loved reading and wanted to share my thoughts on books that I'm reading. I usually do this on instagram, but I've also been a little slack on updating that as a reading account and used it for more personal stuff. So, I'm… Continue reading Reading Update: Memoirs and Misinformation by Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon

Korean Study Review: 고, 며, 거나, 든지

So, this is going to be a part of my Korean study review series that I hp[e will continue to motivate me to study throughout the year to keep up with my goals. I'm just going to be using this space to go over and make notes of things that I learnt in my study… Continue reading Korean Study Review: 고, 며, 거나, 든지

January 9th: 1st Week Back in School

So, the first week back in school is completed, and now I'm sitting in anticipation waiting for the second. Honestly, it wasn't so terrible because I felt a little bit more relaxed, but I was definitely tired. That might have been because of my lack of working the week previously, though. Honestly, though, if I… Continue reading January 9th: 1st Week Back in School

January 1st: New Year’s Resolutions

I feel like at this point in everyone's lives, making a new year's resolution is something everyone does. I've always made really loose New Year's resolutions. I always think about it, but they're never like great enough to really commit to them. I'm also really bad at sticking to things that I plan to, so… Continue reading January 1st: New Year’s Resolutions

Looking back on 2021.

I'm feeling strangely inspired to write a post, so I figured I'd write my end of year review so that I can hopefully post something more positive when I start my new blog posts in the new year. 2021 has been a bit of a wild ride, as I'm sure it has been for everyone… Continue reading Looking back on 2021.

December 27th: Open Class

So, this is the post I wanted to make last week, and other things kind of took precedence. Well, as with last week, other things have taken precedence this week, too, but I decided I was going to make this post anyway. I'll talk about the other things that have happened this week later on… Continue reading December 27th: Open Class

December 19th: Dealing with unfortunate situations.

I actually wanted to make a post about my open class that happened last week, because until Friday, it was really the only thing I could think about. But, as with life, other things come up, and other things have frustrated me. So, I'm considering writing about that experience a different time after I've vented… Continue reading December 19th: Dealing with unfortunate situations.